Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Bypass your School and Work Filters with a Proxy Server

With the production of the Internet, lots of websites promote themselves by sending you spam junk mails, advertising's and even implant spyware that is hard to remove onto your computer. These things not only stay track of your individual information, but also enable hackers and crackers to get into your system. Anonymous proxy servers act as a barrier between your data and the Internet, whereby providing safety to your system and data. There are however, other reasons to use an anonymous proxy server and if you can use these types of server you can easily Unblock YouTube and many more sites.

If your work or school has any type of filtering in place to stop people from visiting sure websites, a nameless proxy server is a huge way to get around such restrictions. Unidentified proxy servers work by acting as a "middle man"; they download the requested pages to their proxy server and in turn you download the page, all images and other such matter from the proxy server to your browser, thus bypassing any filters or annoying firewalls. Not only is this a viable option for students to bypass their school's filter to access such accepted student sites such as Myspace but can be used if your workplace has strict limitations on which websites you can access. Most anonymous proxy bypass servers use one of two programs, YouTube Proxy or VPN, both of which are excellent proxy software packages.

An anonymous proxy server can defend you from such tracking. There are two kinds of nameless proxies. A masked proxy is particularly as a proxy server by the website you visit, but it still hides your real IP. A best proxy is smartly masked to look like a real IP address, and it also hides your original IP.

If the internet connection is slow, a caching server is used. This server saves a copy of all fetched content and used that copy each time new content has to be fetched. These types of servers are used in fast connection setting for the purpose of saving bandwidth cost. There is a need for restricting internet access so that content filtering proxy servers allow filtering of content during the process of internet access. This type of server is used by schools to block offensive sites and in some cases companies to restrict job sites.


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