Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Anonymous Proxies for Safe Surfing

Anonymous proxies sound like they are an in fact protected way of browsing the web. In fact they really should be but alas all too frequently they are accurately the opposite. Before I tell you a why people make giant mistakes using anonymous proxies perhaps I should tell you a little bit about what they truly are. You have possibly often used a proxy maybe not at home, but surely at work, college or school. A proxy server or proxy sites is a computer that exists to send and receive web requests, when at work, your request for a web page is sent to this server which sends out for the page and delivers it back to your browser.

There are lots of advantages, the proxy server can store copies of admired pages to speed up surfing, requests for pages can be monitored so that unsuitable content can be monitored or blocked mainly it gives the worker or school control over who surfs what through a particular connection.

There is an extremely easy way to avoid exposing your details to the purpose page. You can use a YouTube proxy service to avoid your direct connection with any website. This is a service that acts as an intermediate computer which accepts your web addresses and returns requested web pages. So the target website sees the proxy computer, and not your computer or your browser. This way you are not accessing the websites straight and your IP address and other data is not exposed to the world but only to one computer.

Proxy websites suggest some extra functions for even improved defense. One of them enables you to stop storing cookies. Cookies are some data that are stored on your computer when you visit certain pages. In mainly cases you can browse openly because there is no want to cover yourself. But in some cases it is superior to browse namelessly and not expose your true identity. You can also use proxy websites to access your website from other countries in order to check if right ads in that country are displayed. It is up to you to choose when to browse this way. Anyway, proxies enable us to efficiently hideout location and computer data.
1) With the help of this you can protect your personal information.

2) Hide your IP address and secure your internet connection.


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