Friday, 29 May 2015

How to Hide your Identity when you are Online

When the internet was first discovered, people do not know every other and there were no probable ways of knowing who you are talking to on the other line. Today, there are loads of programs that can recognize the person you are communicating with. But, there are also mediums that hide your identify while you are online and simply Unblock YouTube and many more sites.

Hiding yourself over the web helps maintain your much worth privacy. People who are always on the internet known about the unsafe of leaving your personality open. You find spam emails or even get hacked and worse, get your identity stolen. This is why concealing you uniqueness over the net is very vital and by hiding yourself lowers the risk. You can do private surfing when you cover your IP address. Your address is like your home address. If you learn how to unseen your IP by using a proxy server, people will not be able to track you down. It is very hard to track you down and other people will not be able to steal valuable information from you.

Utilizing proxy servers is a main assistance to keep secrecy online because they are, in fact, most effectual and mainly ordinary answer to do it. There are really thousands of proxies on the internet and all you have to do is try to look for the one which fits your best. You may want to decide upon one which has user friendly software and one that does make the process a lot easier to suit your needs.
All in all, hiding your IP address can be simply done, but the question is whether you should do this or not. That is, if you are trying to conceal your IP in order to engage in unlawful activities, you should know that this is not morally right, and you are powerfully advised to think about this seriously before you really go through with it. However, if your goal is to remain anonymous to ensure your personal privacy rights then by all means go for it.

Some people attempt to cover their IP address because of some restrictions being put up. Sometimes, hackers can find into your system by attacking your computer. In this case you can make use this is mostly use friendly and easy to use websites.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

How to Unblock Facebook

If you come to identify your chosen social network sites Facebook has become blocked in your school or at where you work, then you have to use a proxy server or a proxy app to unblock the internet site. There are a huge number of alternate servers and proxy apps accessible to obtain the unblocking job done without any hassles. You can make use of an Unblock Proxy or application to unblock Facebook or other blocked sites on your IP. If you wish to make use of a proxy server to access sites, and then there are available freely on the internet. You should use any of those to remove restrictions from utilizing the networking sites.

Unless you like by using a proxy server or maybe you probably did not find success in unblocking page with any of the available proxies, then you can use an Unblock Facebook. This is a free bit of software application which, when installed and launched on your PC will allow you to gain access to your favorite page without the restrictions. In case you have the proxy running, you obtain a parallel knowledge of accessing community site while you would normally by using an Internet web browser.
This proxy app will work the job on the part of other proxies. This way, you are able to find free of the annoying advertisements which get displayed when utilizing proxy servers and also the slow speeds where these proxies load blocked sites. Facebook may be thought of between the most innovations in regards to social media to happen. It's grown extremely ever since its creation. With 900 million users it must be amid the very usually employed community sites in the world. In once, it must function as the only real social media site that regularly appears to be blocked at different locations for assorted motives.

Some places where you locate the use of the banned site is limited are schools and offices. And so, in case you find use of Facebook is limited at workplace or your school, you then may be thinking of other methods that you can apply to ensure that it is possible to use networking page in your time, to remove limitations. So, do you know the ways you are able to unblock Facebook just visit to and all banned sites easily unblock no matter where you lived.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How Proxy Sites Protect your Identity

With the increasing level of the people the number of people relying on to the internet as the major source of communication has increased. In the current era of today there are countless number of people who rely on to the internet. It is the internet which has made it probable for the man to efficiently communicate with any person in any part of the world. It is significant to note that the ordinary man might not know the theft and the damages that the viruses and the hackers could cause. You can use Unblock Proxy and easily hide your identity and watch your favorite videos.

For the internet users it may prove to be very irritating if there online account is broken and they lose the individuality. Irrespective of the person's thinking about what site he is visiting any site can be used to spy or track and take the important data. Be it the direct chatting, web browsing, surfing anything that the person does on the internet can be misused by someone else. Therefore, it is very essential for the internet users understand the role and the importance of the proxy sites.

For those who are new to this term the proxy sites are the websites that can connect to the internet sources. What divide them and makes them more reliable is that the connection details and the identity of the users are hidden under such a situation. The proxy site is basically between the server and the user. The user sends the connection to the proxy server and the proxy server in turn provides the user with the requested server following looking at the obtainable resources. The proxy sites in fact can be simply used by the people at the work place in order to open the blocked websites.
A proxy site is a web page that enables you to surf your favorite web sites even if your access to such web sites might be blocked by some content filter, for instance Web Sense (site name) or Smart Filter. Using such proxy site will keep your visit to those sites hidden so the content filter will not know that it was unsuccessful in blocking that visit. Unblock YouTube is a free browser based anonymous proxy service. Proxy enables you to absolutely cover your browsing adventures, essentially stopping fire walls from obstructing the websites you are able to and may not visit.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Proxy Sites Definition and Advantages

What exactly are proxy sites? Well, if you have no idea about them, then let me tell you that it is something very easy and helpful. Essentially, they are websites that contain buffers to enable you to surf the internet with more advantages. You may wonder what those buffers can do. In fact, those buffers can be used to hide your IP address from being shown whenever you surf the internet. Therefore, proxy sites are sort of servers that enable you to surf the net with more advantages. With the help of this you can hide your IP address and Unblock YouTube.

Do you know that by hiding your IP address you can really surf some websites that cannot be accessed? For instance, there are some websites that do not allow the IP from an exacting area. There are also conditions in reverse where the IP from the particular area is not allowed to view some websites. With the hidden IP, you will appear as nameless and hence there is no problem accessing into your desired sites.
The primary advantage and the major source of attraction for the proxy sites is the fact that the internet protocols are not available by using this. The proxies in fact are a huge way to bypass the situation where the certain websites are being clocked. It enables the person to quickly surpass the network filters. An alternate page is basically something what one can say a third party. It might be in many cases operated by an individual only. It is essentially a link that is established between the computer and the destination site. Moreover, it is very important to note that using the proxy sites to see the blocked content is only a temporary thing.

Proxies offer many advantages. For those who wish to surf the web with no fearing that their steps are being monitored, watched, Proxies are a necessary tool in providing that security and following peace of mind. Using a proxy is a great way to make sure that you are surfing with the safety and anonymity that you require. Generally, open proxies are used internationally to perform illegally activity or to mask ones IP to one from the United States. Unblock Proxy is a way to unblock websites through school and work computers.

Monday, 25 May 2015

How Does a Proxy Server Works?

The internet is the quickest way to send messages, to acquire information and learn about several happenings around the world. And we are so important now that all of uses wish to have the quickest server possible. However, thought millions of people use net, most of us are still ignorant about the use of different terms regarding the internet world. The Unblock Proxy is one such term. In this some facts concerning alternative page will be told as regards.

A proxy is requirement have for any net user so as to recover the performance of the internet. An alternative page is a server that takes the part of a middleman between a customer's computer and the computer that is there at the other end of the line from where details are required from. The matter is that whenever a customer looks for details from a website, it is found by the proxy on the way to the unique source.
The fame of the proxy is mostly due to the less risk to the safety of the web connection. One other feature for liking is also since of the fact any customer can use it from any area of the globe. Since it is needed by almost all the net users, the proxy is very easy to obtain.

Free proxy server is as well to enables you to have secrecy while visiting the net. The web is like an open place where it is simple to get any data. So this actually becomes necessary. People desiring to have total privacy may use a free proxy server. Nowadays, most sites are still blocked and people cannot access these pages if you can use Unblock YouTube all sites easily unblock.

Friday, 22 May 2015

How to Use the Secure Web Proxy

Proxy servers are computers that suggest a system network service that allows its client to connect ultimately to other network services. Proxies that are able to block the offensive web content are called web proxies. Another meaning is reformatting the pages for the other special operating system. The internet provides might set up alternative pages for preventing the occurrence of the system viruses or any other unfriendly content such as spam that might affect your PC. The particular case of web pages and the mostly use proxfree with the help of this you can unblock YouTube and many video sites.

It is good to explain that these web pages that allow users to access other sites during them. These special proxies are typically used to gain access to block web sites. This thing is likely because the web proxy servers cover your IP address from any website and might also lead to faster browsing.

May companies such as school or families use a proxy server to implement acceptable network use to provide security such as antivirus services. Anonymous page servers are most frequently used because these webs do not share an IP address or any information about you or your system. These nameless proxies will protect you from different forms of malware such as viruses or spam.
Another advantage was proved when it comes to the anonymous web proxy server. It is known that these servers work with the help of a virtual database called cache. This memory is used to store the asked information and when that information is needed again, there is no need for a new connection. The required information will be restored from the cache memory and this cannot lead to anything but an increase of web surf quality and an increase of browsing speed.
Some Proxy Advantages:
1) The Proxy allows for a safe along with secured exchange through secure nameless alternate servers.
2) Anonymous surfing guards you from having your PC targeted, hacked as well as corrupted along with harmful scripts, tracking, along with other malware.
3) With the help of YouTube Proxy you can watch and unblock all kinds of latest songs, videos and most favorite Punjabi songs in HD quality.

Now that you know much better that you must surf the World Wide Web strongly by utilizing combination of straightforward solutions combined with the use of Private Proxy Servers, check out the website

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Safeguard your Information with Proxy Site

Do you want to surf the web securely, with no worrying that sensitive information about yourself should obtain in the wrong hands? This is likely as long you use a proxy address or an anonymous IP. With the help of such address, internet users, can encrypt their net connection and surf the web in a protected manner. A proxy site like is the IP address of an intermediary that provides a connection between your system and the sites that you visit.
This technique, your online individuality would be protected and you would be able to browse online page with no as long as sensitive information like your location. With the help of proxy sites you can browse safe and many more videos pages easily unblock.

Advantages of Proxy:
1) When you use proxy you can hide all your personal information.
2) Surf safely and hide your IP address.
3) Unblock all types of videos and websites like YouTube and social networking pages.
A free proxy service can obtain you the defense you require and can do it correctly. Let them hide your uniqueness from everybody in the world. What you do on the internet is up to you, not anyone else. Be practical and not a victim. There are many ways to access proxies in the United States, but one of the best, safest, and unsigned services is Proxy Solutions, global IP span, highly anonymity, and a free zero risk. Once you have obtained your details (IP address, username, password, and port number), configuring your browser or networked application is a quick and easy. The best proxy is YouTube Proxy and also speed proxy.

A free proxy can be a lifesaver to those with low budgets. They will provide you fantastic security entirely for free. When people say nothing is for free they are wrong! Free Proxy servers are totally free. These wonderful products censor every piece of information that is requested about you from a third party. If the third party cannot be validated or if they are not genuine then the proxy just refuses them information. At last, you can be free from the worry of having people track your every move as if you were a criminal. You should also locate that once you start using a proxy server that unsolicited marketing requests should slow down in your email inbox. Without the ability for you to be tracked, they won't know who you are or what your likes and dislikes are. Only you can decide what level of protection that you personally need.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How you can Protect Yourself with Proxy Sites

It's very painful to get your internet account damaged into and losing your identity. However, we normally don't believe the websites that people visit and also the internet programs we use every day could be employed to snoop, spy, track and lastly steal our sensitive data, account particulars for example passwords and usernames, and worse identity. It may be through web surfing, chats, playing games, pictures, music or videos, between different ways someone might be watching over your steps, also it can turn to be painful. Among the best techniques to help you stay well protected from internet security agonies would be to connect yourself using a Proxy site.

You will find many cases where you should have secrecy online. International airports, hotels, schools, restaurants, malls or offices are the areas weak of cyber crime as security filters are usually too limited or otherwise installed. An additional area where there's wide use of proxy sites would be to cache websites and files to go faster access. This really is mainly relevant with websites which have an unequal traffic level. However, proxy sites are largely targeted at acquiring an online user against dangerous connections that may land him to unscrupulous hands.

Exactly what are proxy sites? Well, for those who have no hint about the subject, then without a doubt that it's something quite simple and helpful? Basically, their websites which contain barriers to help you surf the web with increased advantages. You might question what individual buffers can perform. Actually individual’s buffers may be used to hide your IP from being proven if you surf the web. So, proxy sites are kind of servers that authorize you to surf the internet with increased advantages.

Are you aware that by hiding your IP you are able to really surf some websites that can't be utilized? For example, you will find some websites that don't permit the IP from the particular area. You will find also situation backwards, in which the IP in the particular area isn't permitted to see some websites. Using the hidden IP, you'll appear as anonymous and therefore there's not a problem being able to access to your preferred sites and other you can use the speed proxy and unblock your favorite sites.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How to Unblock Networking Sites

If you are a business man and you are upset how to access YouTube and many others social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Generally, many sites hav banned by many governments for a small time in lots of countries including China, Pakistan The government banned these sites because of some useless violations, and misuse of official videos. So now it is very tough to access any social media site. There are many other sources available to access video pages; one of them is to use the YouTube Proxy.

People are asking is exactly what particularly a “proxy” is really A proxy is only a third party site, regular occasions located and operated individually, that enables you to definitely see the web securely by getting rid of your IP and disbursing you a replacement. Now, besides this remove your digital footprint from sites your visit, it enables you to certainly mask your browsing adventures, essentially stopping firewalls from obstructing the websites you are able to and may not visit.

Some Proxy Advantages:
1) With the help of this you can cover your IP address.
2) The Proxy is an alternative way to Unblock YouTube and all video sites.
3) When you can use this way you can save all your personal information.

Companies and schools like to stop access to numerous websites, but a proxy site will help you avoid being blocked by web filters if you are using an education or business network such as those at work, at college or school, public libraries, an office or internet cafe or anywhere that might have filtered internet connection. In short proxies allow you to bypass an Internet filter and firewall and defeat web site blocking policies.

Monday, 18 May 2015

How to Cover your Identity behind Proxy Sites

In the web world vast proxy sites are obtainable, the typically utilize of this site is that protect to your IP or for security purpose, which have been blocked by some reasons to unblock sites. When we are using proxy sites, as like which one is and his IP is not disclosed therefore making it not easy for hackers to hack into your commuter.

In detail people have no idea regarding their data that everyone can simply steal it, and they are not anything doing amazing about this safety. The proxy sites that are provide to the user privacy and safety from stolen, no one can stole user data and no one can disturb to you in this case.
At this time majority use Facebook or YouTube in the whole world, this site is a big site at that time in the world and very rare chances of hacking on facebook. Some countries which one is Pakistan and lots of offices still banned many networking sites. You can easily open all sites just make use YouTube Proxy.

Effects of proxy sites:

Using proxy sites no one can stole your data on your social accounts. If your individuality is concealed, then hacker cannot identify to yourself. A multiplicity of countries you can see social media pages blocked in college and workplace like offices, the best technique to access in these countries like YouTube, you can just search Unblock YouTube Proxy and then enjoy with browse many networking site. Proxy sites are the best way to conceal your address and safe your personal information and surf safely watch all kinds of videos no matter where you lived.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Proxies are Important to Unblock Sites

There are a small number of people who are aware of the benefits of online proxy sites, actually these are in the number that knows all about these pages and also alert of proxy sites advantages. Proxy websites are best for accessing and unblocking sites that are blocked in the area and you want to access by using another tool as a connector, the best connecting tool is to use online proxy unblocking sites.

By this you can access and unblock YouTube and at the similar way can access all other limited online pages that are blocked in your area such that in school, university and in a lot of working places. There are numerous websites, particularly social due to the misuse of the content and also in working hours. For instance, most of the time we locate various social sites block in schools, colleges and this is due to the use that people do in these particular places.

You can access in general, any social site with the help of online proxy sites that also work as YouTube unblocked for all restricted and block sites. The top examples are social networking web pages such that community sites and many other like these. Many public places authorities block social sites from the usual accessing because they want their employees divert from work and other useful tasks.

You can also hide your IP address by using any YouTube Proxy site. Sometime these sites also let you to totally, change your IP address to a new one for some specific time. These kinds of proxies are the best way to safe your all information.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Best Way to Unblock Videos Sites

People use a lot of techniques and tactics to unblock many sites at their association and in many regions of the world. Many governments stop citizens to gain access to the social sites and many informative pages due to numerous reasons. In work places people are also banned to visit several sites by establishing restriction filters in the networks. But with the passage of time and innovation of some unblocking ways people now know how to break down all these restriction very easily. The best way is you can Unblock YouTube with the help of proxy.

Most easiest and reliable sources to unblock the banned sites are using a proxy site. An alternative page act as a medium or a Proxy Server, which forwards the link on the blocked site to a third party server, in this entire process each site is nearby without the association of the primary internet connection or network, even the network managers would be unaware of your all visited sites. Proxy sites are generally used all over the world and thought to be the best option to access the banned sites, whether you are in school, college or working in any office don't worry about any filter or firewall set.

You can simply locate numerous proxy sites on the internet, but always be alert of those proxy sites which are malicious and spying on people’s information. So always prefer to select a reputable and reliable YouTube Proxy to unblock many social networking sites. Accessing illegal web sites have become very ordinary. Today, millions of people know how to crack down internet services, browse namelessly that even network administrators are unable to view their online activities.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How to Unblock Sites and Videos Using Proxy

Today's latest technologies are controlled access and Internet filtering because the popular of the business holders are applying filters for the safety of their companies. They do this by blocking off some selected websites. Here are some of the ways on how to unblock video websites in Pakistan and all over the world.
Trace out on how to unblock websites by following these guides:

1) Using Web Proxies
There are lots of available free online applications that let you access blocked websites such as using a proxy server. It is an intermediary between the server and the user where in your request is being sent. is the best proxy sites you can use and surf securely.

2) Using VPN Connections
The Virtual Private Network or VPN is also a tunnel over a public network. Some benefits of using a VPN on top of web proxies are that it is safer because it uses an advanced encryption and it allows access to all the accessible applications such as chat, mail and browser. The ordinary identified free VPN is a hotspot hot shield.

3) Using Hide IP software
Using cover IP software is very easy to use, though it tends to hide the IP addresses and unblocks the websites. Still, there are different applications that can suggest you more of such by testing proxies, manually adding proxies and cleaning online tracks. Typically, free software offers you least variations of proxies and provides only the hiding of IP addresses and no other features.

4) Using YouTube Proxy
If you want to open all kinds of sites just make use proxy like YouTube Proxy and watch HD quality videos no matter where you lived.

Monday, 11 May 2015

How to Use Facebook Proxy

For anybody who uses Facebook community networking on a normal basis, Facebook proxies can be a very helpful. If you often work in a setting or access the internet from a site that has firewalls installed to stop access to social networking sites, then you require knowing more about this useful tool. Over the past a small number of years, social networking sites have exploded on the internet. Sites like, MySpace and LinkedIn, now to name a little, have turn out to be vital to both building a network of friends and for business people looking to create helpful connections with others. You can be unblocking any sites and already Unblock Facebook.

Proxies are a method of going around firewalls that are installed on company or public internet computers. The way a proxy works is that you purchase a membership for access to a website that has anonymous access to social networking sites such as networking sites or others. The work station you are on does not recognize the proxy website as a malicious or undesirable website and does not block access to it, and the user is allowed to go through the website to gain access to the social networking site. To locate out additional about Facebook Proxies visit unblock Proxy, the fastest and most secure way to protect your privacy and anonymity online. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Proxy is the Best Way to Access all Block Sites

This is a general fact that after doing too much work we get bored. If it occurs also with you in a working place, maybe you have also ever at your working place or in an educational place and you got bored with the nonstop work. So you may choose to outlook your social sites, but when you turn on your computer or any additional device like this and locate that you want the media page that you were going to use as a top source of passing time is block and limited by some outside source. This is an ordinary fact that many websites get blocked and restricted in public places. So what to do for Unblock YouTube and many web pages?

There are lots of various reasons at the back block and limited sites. At times network administrators and other responsible authorities block various pages that make employees of students of that particular public place from their local internet. They apply different conditions no networking pages to block from the usual browsing. Some community sites like YouTube, Twitter, Myspace and some other these are considered as distractions for workers and students in their working and study timing respectively. But unluckily these are the sites that are vital for browsing informative contents over the internet and loved most of almost all net users.

You can simply bypass all filters places by the network administrators by the help of speed proxy. There are several benefits of using proxies that there is no required installing one of these on your laptop, that mean you can access all banned sites and unblock more and more videos.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

How Protect Yourself Using Internet Connection

When you surf the internet, your IP address plus your position are accessible. These are some of the mainly important data, in which other costly facts can be also discovered name, address as well as your social safety number. This exposes you to hackers and you will also be an aim of several advertising agencies. Nowadays the best thing is you can use proxy sites and hide your individual information in this way the best is speed proxy with many benefits and also unblock all videos.

You are being certain that free anonymous web surfing proxy is what you want, then how will you do it? Anything easy. You only visit one of lots of online pages that can give you all of the free nameless web surfing proxy sites and choose the one which you would like to use. Put in writing the IP address and port number after which use them to arrange your web proxy. After this, you will have no difficulty at all with the data which is sent over the web. Instead of your address being revealed, the free web surfing proxy server’s IP address will likely be shown instead.

How proxy server works?
Anonymous web surfing works using a proxy server. An alternative way acts as a middleman between the user and the rest of the web. Surfing the web during a proxy lets the web servers think that you are actually connecting from the proxy computer. A Proxy site, then allows you to bypass your internet service provider or ISP. You have to use an unidentified surfing server with fine user rating and clear privacy policy for your peace of mind.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How Proxy Sites Help to Block Websites

A proxy sites is an online page that enables you to surf your preferred sites even if your access to such sites might be blocked by some content filter, for example web sense or smart filter. Using YouTube Proxy will keep your visit to those sites hidden so the content filter will not know that it was unsuccessful in blocking that visit.

Alternative pages let you to browse blocked sites during proxy bypassing the internet service giver. This thing does that by only if its user to key in the address of that website and be directed to the page in a window in that differ site. Now the benefits here is that this window is coded as the proxy sites address not the real site address that the uses is visiting. Also the information fixed in the temporary internet files will come out as the related to the online pages not the blocked web page.

So how these sites so are blocked in the first place. A lot of pages are blocked using a number of programs in particular the safety software. These software works with the web browsers which let users to surf World Wide Web. These days’ lots of web browsers are coming up with their own filters which keep the banned content from appearing. In local area networks the system administrator can also block web sites on that networks level. Speed proxy is a free browser based nameless proxy services.
Proxy sites are user friendly and we are able to obtain any website that is societal by only few clicks with the help of alternative sites you can unblock all types of videos.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Some Methods to Unblock YouTube

If yo want to watch your favorite videos, you can just open YouTube, but in these days social sites are still banned in many countries because many people too much use these sites during work or studying. In Pakistan much more online pages you cannot access properly or many things are banned like adult sites or community pages like twitter, Facebook or YouTube. If you cannot open block pages just visit to and surf safely.

The banning of social media is not only limited, but it is also blocking in China and India since of a few misuses against each other making security problems. Even in developing countries like UK also trying to stop the go after of data to social media after the London train blast and blackberry messenger accident.

Before the blocking on social media the users are increasing in Pakistan, According to PTA statistic there is 12.6 million active Facebook users per month. With 50% user in under 18-30 ages. It’s extremely high numbers for any under developed country.
According to Dawn newspaper the request for blocking inflict on social media are given by the ministry of information and technology.
Before the banning of networking pages there were elements to not block the media sites and they also start camping for social media protections. One of the activists is Waqas Ali from Lahore to prevent the blocking of all sites, but when other online pages blocking he find some alternative methods to Unblock YouTube and much more things. But now it is very simple to open all pages because there are many proxies to access all banned sites through youtube proxy.

Some proxy benefits are:

1: With the use of proxy sites you can open all banned sites.
2: Surf safely on the internet and protect your personal information when you use a proxy.

3: Hide your IP address and use networking sites, watch all kinds of videos.

Monday, 4 May 2015

How to Use YouTube Proxy Bypass

The internet has grown to serve a lot of purposes for individuals, organizations, companies and many others all around the world. Virtually, all kind of works can be successfully carried over the internet such as accounting, stock keeping, dating and various others. In business organizations a lot of sites banned from administrations if you want to access all kinds of sites and Unblock YouTube make use proxy sites.
For you to save your information and uniqueness you will require to have good information of how to utilize a proxy server. In the article below, we are going to quickly go over that. The best and most reliable to find a complete privacy for your dealings online is to have a good proxy. There are mainly two types of IPs such as http proxy and sock proxy.

As you can see, using proxies is not hard. All you need is to obtain the IP and make the changes from your browser and save. If you are using the internet market tool only add the IPs to the proxy field and save. Each time you surf the connection will be redirected via the new IPs and only showing that the transfer is coming from the proxy server and not yours. If you have not being considering surfing the web safely then you should begin now.

Advantages of YouTube Proxy
1) With the use of this proxy you can unblock any types of videos.
2) You can surf safely when you are online on the internet.

3) With the help of this hide your IP address and protect your private information.